MHS Students Medal in Job Olympics

Throughout the school year, students at McPherson High School are given the opportunity to participate in community experiences that help them to become more independent when it comes to life after high school as well as learn skills needed to get a job.  One of these experiences is getting to go grocery shopping every other week.  This experience helps them to apply skills that they learn about in the classroom such as budgeting, navigating a grocery store, & social skills.  Another experience for students is going out to eat at a restaurant with a buffet.  This experience gives students an opportunity to learn buffet etiquette first hand.
Recently, a small group of students from McPherson High School attended Job Olympics which is competition developed to promote transition and employability skills.  This competition is another opportunity for students to practice skills outside of the classroom.  Several students earned medals at the competition.  Some examples of skills that they compete in are folding towels, sorting mail, and filing documents.