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Bethany College and MCCSEC Launch Innovative Scholarship Program to Address Special Education Teacher Shortage

In partnership with the McPherson County Special Education Cooperative (MCCSEC), Bethany College is excited to announce the launch of the Pathway to SPED scholarship program. This initiative addresses the critical shortage of special education teachers in McPherson County by providing substantial support and guaranteed employment opportunities to local students pursuing careers in this field.

Canton-Galva Elementary SPED Happenings

At Canton-Galva Elementary some highlights of our Special Education program include participation in the school-wide MTSS process, introduction to vowel valley, and new assistive technology. As a school our teachers are working on analyzing data and grouping students building-wide to service kids based on needs identified by the data. Our students are making great gains! For example, our kindergarten students have made weekly growth as follows: 45%, 14%, 69%, and 32%. Our students in our general and special education classrooms are learning new strategies to connect the sounds of spoken language to the written language using vowel valley and consonant chart. This collaboration among general education, special education, and speech and language is supporting our students in their entire development of language, reading, and writing. Finally, we have a student using a new vision device (pictured) with great success. We have tried out a vision device that supports a student to zoom in to classroom displays as well as his or her written work on the desk. What a great new support!

Fall Semester Happenings at Soderstrom Elementary

Students are having a great fall semester at Soderstrom Elementary! The Viking Mentors program is in full swing and the high school students enjoy coming to hang out with their buddies at Soderstrom. There is a new sensory room in the building and students are also really enjoying that too. Students have engaged in many STEM projects and have gotten to build bubble wands and catapult's as a part of their learning this fall.

Find Your Greatness

All of us strive to excel on our own terms, set and realize personal goals, and achieve our own defining moments of greatness. McCSEC exists to help people find their passion and realize their own moments of greatness, no matter how big or small.